Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in August, I expected the school to be like my old school because my other school was not to friendly and they didn’t really help you in school. I expected West Ridge  to be the same  but little did I know I was wrong.

Soon the first week of school was horrible because they gave us lots of homework to do in so little time. I was new at the school so I didn’t have any friends to talk to and made me just wanna go back to my old one.

Eventually by the fourth week of school I had friends they where very friendly to me and I notice that I had to just be me. Learning all what I needed to learn for the star and eight grade wasn’t going to be easy for me but with working hard and getting homework,Projects, etc in time was helpful.

My advice to next years seventh graders is to do your work on time! also you get more freedom in  seventh grade but don’t take avenge of it. Do sports  its a  easy way to make friends.

Overall seventh grade was  great and if I had the chance to go back I wouldn’t change a thing.

My First Friendship

It was kinder garden I think I can’t really remember but I had always this too friend that where with me all the time, in class , nap time , drawing time.

She had black hair always in a pony tail and where this cute dresses, her name was Elizabeth she would always correct me on how to take a nap we didn’t talk very good but we would always use are hands to communicate there was one word that we said to each other that was always funny to us “swing” I don’t know why but we just started laughing.

Now this girl was the opisite of Elizabeth she was rough and had always take stuff away from others, but the thing is she never took nothing from me I guess causes I once got her crayons. She would love to draw tho I don’t really know at the time what she would draw but it was bright and colorful to me that was pretty good.

Well those too girls are still my friends even tho we don’t get to see each other as much anymore I still have good memories and a strong friendship with them.

Favorite poem

Poet’s Tree

underneath the poet tree
Come and rest a while with me
and watch the way the worlyd-web
between the shady story leaves .
the branches of the poet tree
reach from the mountains
so come and dream, or come and climb-
just don’t get hot by the falling rhymes.

-By shel silverstein

I love this poem since I was little. When I first heard it mad me think of poetry differently. Shel Silverstein also makes the funnies poems about anything but theism one made you think of how the tree helps you lean on it and think of the world and how bad or good it is.

Childhood TV Show!

I always look up to this people or characters as you would say. Everybody knows about the the one that has a red cape or black yea the injustice league of America , my favorite tv show. When I was little I think about 8-10 I just couldn’t one day miss my favorite awesome superheroes. My voice would go high my lips would go to one ear to the other , jumping up and down the couches till mom yelled to stop.

The main superheroes where Superman with his red cape and eye vision flying in the air protecting the city’s. Batman alway in the dark looking out for Gotham city. As Wonder Woman leaving here sister from the amazon family’s to do more to protect the world.

Watching this superheroes real or not I would always look up to them, the worminess in my heart feeling good and doing the little things that count when I was little.They hardly show this superheroes in TV but when they do gosh it brings good memory’s.

challage 3: Favorit Quotes

Only You Can Control Your Future.

I love this quote because it’s true when you make a bad decision in life you effect the feature with it. Now when you do good and you put your self and goals first and accomplish them. Your feature would be good . Personally this quote moves me to keep trying my best, I mean who doesn’t want a good feature. It also mean to not give up on your self on sports,school and others, but to keep trying.

challange two

As we arrive in the gravel rock trail of Zilker Park, I feel the wind blow smoothly on my face: just perfect on a Wednesday morning. As we keep walking, you can hear kids laughing and screaming in joy in the pool. Zilker Park is my favorite place to be.

One reason why I love this park is because I have been coming since I was little. I have had many good memories with my best friends. We would always go to the swimming pool and play. We would also sometimes hide from my mom and scare her. Ugh, those where the days!

Another reason is when its winter they put lights everywhere and this huge sculptures detailed. but in the summer there’s a lot of people summing and laying I the grass as we enjoy the day.this is my favorite place to be.


Blue sad color I don’t really understand
Always there in the sky with the rain
Trying to pull me away
But than the ocean is so calm
With the blue water I look at my self
Blue sad color I don’t really understand


Swish!… The ball goes flaying in the air as I see my opponent try to take it away but as I Trick her I keep going to the goal….. Come on….. Come on Yesss!! 12-8 we won! Ugh yes the smell of victory.

First of all if you haven’t notice I love soccer! Why as you may ask well first of all soccer season is in the spring it’s fresh out side the green grass not to cold and not to hot just right.

Secondly soccer is a competitive sport you have to be fast and you run a lot so if you don’t like doing nether of those thing well sorry this sport is not for you but to those that like to do that well I encourage you to try because it’s one of the greater sports I have played and it’s one of my passions

So as I said I love soccer.

The Front Seat

Ugh yes the seat of command where you don’t have to be right next to someone, yes the front seat of the car is the best that’s what I’m talking about if you didn’t get that already.

The one reason why it’s amazing sitting in the front seat is you don’t have to sit in the back trying to get that fresh air hitting your face, but you can’t because meanwhile you’re cramping with your brother and two sisters that pull your hair, drops juice all over you ugh!! I hate that.

Another reason the front seat is better than the back seats is that it’s dark back there it’s like if the sun is banned from there and that weird smell you get out of your brothers gym bag that he lost two weeks ago “yea that smell”! and just when you trying to put the window down it hardly goes down just because it’s in child lock ugh!

So the next time you go to the front seat I suggest you enjoy it.

The rain

I love when it rains; make is me feel worm inside. To some people it may feel down and ugly, but to me it feels good. It makes me feel of when I could of sing in the rain with some yellow rain boots, seen the earth be watered sustaining life. I love it when it rains <3

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